FFresh Festival

Ffresh Festival! showcases some great and inspirational animations, some on the rather macabre side but still relevant!

Memorium really stood out for me, reminded me of the Surreal internet animator ‘David Firth’. Memorium has a very strong embedded message about life. How we are ‘processed’ shall we say throughout our lives and end up as mere history at the conclusion of our deaths. This sense of symbolism is highly inspirational! it’s about giving layers to your animations instead of just conveying information, if a video or animation has many layers it leaves itself open to many interpretations by the viewer.

Note: Marc Giai-Miniet inspiration of this video


Highlights a moment of epiphany! created by Boris Seewald, the video is about how tortilla chip manages to evoke a feeling of dance in the person, he then goes on to explain that the feeling is contagious and draws his mother into the picture. Looking at from a philosophical point of view it explains the intention of spontaneous creative thinking and how it can attract a large degree of attention of other people.

“Enthusiasm is contagious!” 

It comes as no surprise that this received so many awards, due to it’s positive reception and joyful viewing.


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